The US Afghan Chamber of Commerce was incorporated on 17 January 2023. The Chamber was sponsored by the International Institute of St. Louis and partners with its sister organization, the Afghan Community Center of St. Louis.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to welcome, enable, and support Afghan entrepreneurs and businesses in the St. Louis Region and nationally. The Chamber has a long term vision to become the hub for Afghan entrepreneurs and businesses in the United States.

The Chamber’s immediate goals include:

• Create initiatives to develop a vital business community fostering growth and opportunity through  businesses in the region, and trade between the United States, Afghanistan, and globally.

• Empower Afghan women to become entrepreneurs and business owners through mentorship and training.

• Build capacity to advance Afghan youth through grants and scholarships

• Develop and provide workshops on financial literacy and entrepeneurship to the immigrant Afghan community.

We look forward to working with new Afghan immigrants and long time Afghan-American entrepreneurs to build a vital business community.

Contact us if you would like to join or support our efforts.